Subject: Temp Controller
By: Brango (IP: 60.229.214.*)
Written on: 02-11-2005 21:04

Great stuff, were would those of us without the brains to figure these things out for ourselves be without people like you, cheers.

Im off to buy the parts to build one today. My question is, can it be wired to work the opposite way. My other interest away from computers is brewing beer, im thinking this would be perfect for a
fermenter chiller / warmer, if i could make it turn on a heat source in winter, such as a light globe.

By: Tillmann (IP: 130.83.244.*)
Written on: 02-11-2005 22:12


yes, I think it should work the other way around as well. The modification is very simple: You just connect the wire of the controller that would normally be wired to the - wire of the fan to the + wire of the device, and the - wire of the device to ground.

However, a heater will use much more power than a fan. The amount of power the controller can supply is limited. I don't think it will be able to power a heater. However, it could power a relais which in turn powers a light globe (even 110/220V) - the light bulb would only be switched on/off and not regulated but it should nevertheless do the job.

If you actually try this, please post your results. And enjoy your beer

By: Brango (IP: 60.229.214.*)
Written on: 04-11-2005 03:36

Iv put one together but i cant get it to work. if i disconnect either wire off the pot the fan spins all the time, but when i connect it back on the fan stops and adjusting the pot all the way round and back dosent do anything. I tried a second pot, same thing. Any suggestions before i start again with all new parts.
By: brango (IP: 60.229.215.*)
Written on: 04-11-2005 09:02

Im starting to think the mosfet i bought is either faulty or the wrong type, the description on the packaging says MTP3055E N-CHANNEL STripFET 60V 12A POWER MOSFET.

The first potentiometer seems a bit flakey but the second one apperes to be working correctly when tested with a multimeter.

If someone could point me in thre right direction id apreciate it
By: Brango (IP: 143.238.119.*)
Written on: 08-11-2005 05:49

Its up and running, took me a while to work out that you have to scale the potentiometer size to the thermistor.
By: ureche (IP: 83.103.232.*)
Written on: 14-11-2005 18:45

Hi, i am a little noob to this electronic stuff, but there is a way to get rid of the heat sensor? I want to set my chipset cooler to 4-5000rpm no matter the temperature. Or do you have something like a schematic adaptor from 12v to 10v???
By: ureche (IP: 83.103.232.*)
Written on: 14-11-2005 18:54

Well just found the answer on the forum:

By: Tillmann (IP: 212.98.201.*)
Written on: 28-10-2005 15:46


yes that's possible; however you shouldnt simply remove the thermistor. Instead, it should be replaced by a 10 kOhms resistor.


silly me :d
By: Tillmann (IP: 130.83.244.*)
Written on: 14-11-2005 19:04


yep, that will work, but for your purpose of just reducing the voltage ~2V, that solution is overkill. You can just add two or three diodes in the + or - wire of the fan (observe proper polarity); each diode will reduce the voltage by 0.7V.

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