Subject: heatpipe problem
By: kittens (IP: 62.255.32.*)
Written on: 06-11-2005 15:24

Hi all,
I have recently experienced an overheating problem with my HP Pavilion 1121s. My laptop shutdowns itself when CPU usage reaches 100 percent. I realised that the problem is related with the CPU getting overheated.
I suspect that there is a problem with the heat pipes in my laptop. The heatsink above the CPU gets very hot, however the other side of the heat pipe still remains cool. As a result when the heatsink gets hot, CPU fan is not able to cool the CPU although it works. When I detach the fan and put it over the heat sink, overheating problem disappears.
I read in an article that heat pipe's ability to transport heat collapses when condensation doesn't occur anymore. If this is the case, what would be the remedy? Can I recover its ability somehow or should I replace those components?

Thanks in advance!

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