Subject: Alternative Thermistor
By: Kevin Wilson (IP: 80.65.252.*)
Written on: 08-11-2005 00:43

I'm planning on building the temperature control, but I'm having trouble getting hold of a 10k NTC thermistor. Would the circuit work with a 15k thermistor, or perhaps a "4k7" one?

By: Tillmann (IP: 130.83.244.*)
Written on: 08-11-2005 01:01


yes, probably it will also work with these. However, also use a different potentiometer to match your choice of thermistor (e.g. also 15K or 4.7K pot/spindle trimmer).

By: 99newbeetlegls (IP: 68.178.8.*)
Written on: 07-02-2006 01:46

I found a cheap lot of 10k thermistors on ebay if you are having trouble finding them...
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