Subject: Useage in notebook
By: Wolfi (IP: 212.183.121.*)
Written on: 13-11-2005 23:00

this is a really great site, thanks a lot!
Now, what I'm trying to do is to reduce the noise of my notebook (Acer TM 613, P3-1000). When I boot it up, the fan is not running (system is nice and quite), but after some 10-15 minutes of ideling it starts to run, making some noise. However, that d**n thing just won't stop, not even after 30 minutes of cooling when the exhaust temperature is down to almost room temperature and the heatsink from the CPU feels just a tiny little bit warmer then my hand. I've already cleaned loads of dust out of the device, still no effect. I've read a lot of discussions and advices about this problem (pretty common with the TM610), the result is that one cannot change the temperature limits to alter the fan operation by software or patching firmware or the like. Bad luck ....

So I stumbled over your site and this looks just like the thing I've been searching for. Now, to get to the point, my question is:

---> I believe that the fan in my notebook is powered with 5V only, not with 12V. What adaptions do I have to make in order to make your guide work with 5V? <---

There is an switch in the BIOS to keep the fan running at max speed at all time, which should be over 6000 rpm. I will use this option to turn off the built-in TC and keep the current for my own TC stable at maximum. Still, I'm not sure whether this is 12V or not - I do not have a voltmeter available. I've already checked that the notebook WILL run even when it does not get a rpm signal back to the mainboard.

Thanks and best regards from Vienna/Austria,

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