Subject: how to set up these fans??
By: D3adkl0wn (IP: 66.103.46.*)
Written on: 15-11-2005 06:39

i've been trying to set up my computer fans to make for better cooling, as it sits i have the CPU fan blowing into the heatsink, a side fan sucking air in (Noisy as heck), a back case fan blowing out, and the PSFan also blowing out... tho my temps are still high 50s... my board is an Intel P4 3ghz and i don't think that this is healthy... hope this diagram helps...

By: VanMan (IP: 128.186.12.*)
Written on: 17-11-2005 11:04

I also have a P4 3.0Ghz, specifically the 530J. I've got a few suggestions for you.
First, you have a negative pressure on your case (more air leaving than going in) which will increase dust (it gets sucked in every crack) and disrupt air flows within cases. The correction for this is to get fans to blow into the case from the front. Check the CFM ratings of the three fans you are using and make sure that the fans blowing in add up to more than those blowing out.
Secondly, are you using the stock heatsink? Intel's stock heatsinks are near worthless for imperative cooling. My suggestion is Zalman copper, but there are others that may fall within your price range. Note that this is more expensive than correcting case flow, and may not be needed.
Third, get a temperature sensor and check the temperature of the case versus ambient temperature. Often the CPU cooler is just recycling hot air through the heatsink. If your case temp is significantly higher than ambient, this is the reason. This can be corrected by 1) adding fans to blow in, creating a good airflow, or 2) by creating ducted airflow, good detailed instructions can be found on
And lastly, 50 C is well enough less than the max operating temp of all P4 3.0 chips. Unless you plan to overclock, you may not need to worry about any of this.
Brad VanMiddlesworth
By: D3adKl0wn (IP: 66.103.46.*)
Written on: 17-11-2005 19:37

thanks, i'll give that a shot..
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