Subject: Using old heatsink/fan on new processor...
By: Minimal (IP: 207.161.49.*)
Written on: 21-11-2005 01:21

Hey guys, I'm not a vast encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to computer hardware, just letting you know as a disclaimer before I begin...
I recently just bought a new processor, I have a Dell Dimension 8200, and I checked online to find out the maximum speeds my motherboard could support. I had a 1.8 ghz with a 100mhz fsb, and I upgraded to the maximum, 2.4ghz with a 400mhz fsb.
The new processor came with fan and heatsink attached, and the fan2 connector was not of the correct size to fit, and in general the whole processor did not fit.
So I called a local computer store, and they told me just to rip off the processor, switch them, and then use the old heatsink and fan from my previous processor. I did this, the computer runs fine, but am I headed for some burning ahead?
Thanks in advance.

By: Larry (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 24-01-2006 19:20

Depends on your temps. If your load temp is under 65c thats ok. If its higher its nto so good. And did you re apply the thermal grease?? its very important
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