Subject: need cooling expertise and advice - thanks
By: raius (IP: 205.225.248.*)
Written on: 22-11-2005 22:44

hi all. i'm putting together a new system with low noise as high priority. i need to decide on the best upgrades to the cooling system while maintaining its quietness. any help would be fantastic. thanks.

Current System:
* case: Antec Sonata II
* mobo: ASUS P5WD2 (955x chipset)
* cpu: P4 650 (3.4ghz 2mb L2 -- 65C max temp)
* gpu: ASUS EN6800GT gpu
* ram: 2gb DDR2 w/spreaders

* Front-bottom (no fan)
* Rear-bottom (Sonata II air duct in bottom rear, brings cool air just above the cpu)

* Rear-middle (120mm quiet fan)
* Rear-top (PSU quiet fan)

Current Temp (steady avg)
* mobo: 35 C
* cpu: 60 C

Problems to Resolve
1. If air duct pulls in air for the CPU, what are my best choices for CPU cooling? what heatsink/fan combo?
2. the GPU stock fan is the loudest thing in the box. what options do i have to improve this?
3. (lower priority) what temps should i reach before i can attempt to overclock about 5-10%? (it doesnt currently hold overclocking cause temp is too close to top).

once again thank you for all the help in the world. i appreciate your time and expertise. please shoot me an email with the reply or just a one liner letting me know you posted here...



By: spillybeer (IP: 71.137.82.*)
Written on: 18-01-2006 05:04

I like cooler masters mini water cooling setup for my pc.inexpensive($100) pretty darn quiet on low.and my temps are held pretty comfortable at low fansetting.thermal paste application can make a big difference i have also seen.And all low case fans must blow in and all high(rear?)fans out(including the power supply)And I cannot stress enough if you have a fan in the door it must blow out,or it will blow the gpu air and the recycled cpu heatsink air directly at the mobo and chipset and cpu,etc.
The best option i have found for the gpu heat spreader fan noise is to get an after market new heatspreader fan combo and make sure it's fan moves as much air and is quieter.bigger fans blow more air with less noise in any application.and good quiet fans can be had for a few extra bones.And I also like a fan in the top of the case (blowing out)mine it is where it is needed.The biggest enemy is letting the air inside your case blow around in have at least as many exhaust fans as intake ones and more exhaust is better.notice alot of new pc cases are heavily vented?like leaving the door open.Beware the dust bunnies.and when you tear up your components ocing em' grin and upgrade,lol!
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