Subject: System Overheating?
By: Andorin (IP: 134.225.175.*)
Written on: 26-11-2005 12:48


I have the following system:

AMD 3200+
Gigabyte GA7N400 Pro2 Mobo
Asus Radeon 9200
512 meg 333mhz

PSU fan blowing out
CPU fan sucking
Case fan blowing out
Case fan located below PSU

When I have my motherboard set to running at 400FSB which is mandatory to use the system to its full capability it tends to work for a while then let out a beep code of:

long beep, short beep, long beep, short beep, long beep.

The monitor cuts out, then the system cuts out.

When the system is set at lower fsb this does not occur.

I find that by taking the cases side off, it lasts for longer without it happening. And I found that adding the secondary fan (Which wasent there until a short while back) also makes it stay on for longer. The case remains though that it still happens.

So, I assume I'm right in thinking that the processor is overheating and thats why it happens. Anyone got any further suggestions as to how to stop it?

By: Andorin (IP: 134.225.175.*)
Written on: 26-11-2005 14:52

And some further information is...

With fsb set to low...
CPU temp is 58C
System temp is 32C

With fsb set up to auto... (the desired one)
CPU temp is 80C - 86C
System temp is 35C

I believe the danger point with my processor is 85C.
Which aint good.

What on earth could be causing this?
By: Roger P. (IP: 72.57.147.*)
Written on: 28-11-2005 07:17

I'd set your cpu fan to blow down on the processor to start. Case temperature is a bit high. I'd shoot for 25C. 85C on the CPU is WAY too hot. I'd try to get it down into the mid 50's at full load, as a maximum. I am running a Tt Siltnetboost on an AMD 2500+ Mobile. I can get it running up to 2600+ Mhz and keep it in the 50's. I recently plopped on a Coolermaster Aero 7 adjustable fan. It boght me another 2 degrees at full chat.
By: Andorin (IP: 134.225.175.*)
Written on: 28-11-2005 11:57

I'd already worked out that the temperature was well out of control.

Both fans are already at full bore.

And I wouldnt have mind being able to knock it down to 50 but I'm a student and can't afford expensive cooling systems, when it shouldnt be anywhere near a certain temperature anyway.
By: VanMan (IP: 128.186.12.*)
Written on: 28-11-2005 16:31

This is an odd one. Given the temp of your CPU under stock conditions I suggest removing your heatsink, wipe away the thermal paste/grease, reapplying Artic Silver 5, and retesting your system. Given that the size of your case fans are probably 80mm (or larger) I would think your system should be fine. It sounds like your heatsink isn't doing its job.

If this doesn't fix the problem, the problem may be that the heatsink is only blowing recycled hot air to your processor. For this you can, 1) install a blowhole in your case to blow outside air in directly on top of the cpu, or 2) create a bit of ducting so the back case fan pulls the spent (hot) air away from the processor.
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