Subject: With reference to: "Build yourself a fan temperature control", Temperature Controlling a 240V AC Fan
By: Marcin (IP: 146.195.128.*)
Written on: 06-12-2005 01:06

I just bought myself a 120mm 240V case fan, which is giving much, much better air flow then the two 12V 80mm fans I had previously.

It has reduced the idling Motherboard and CPU temperature by more than 10 Deg.C. Though the CPU still hits 60 Deg.C. when its running hard.

I was interested in building an automatic regulator for the fan like the one in "Build yourself a fan temperature control". I was wondering if it is possible to build a similar functioning circuit for my 240V/50Hz fan?

What would I need to change? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By: Pete (IP: 71.243.231.*)
Written on: 07-12-2005 07:21

Where did you mount that thing?
By: Marcin (IP: 202.7.190.*)
Written on: 07-12-2005 11:58

On the left side panel near the back, the fan is actually mounted outside blowing into a ~120mm hole I made in the case. Air is now blowing out of every hole in the case so it's not just being shortcircuited with the power fan.

I got the idea from this website:

I was hoping that it would reduce my CPU's game playing temperature...

Now I was wanting to have the fan temperature controlled so it wasn't blowing so hard all the time. Though come summer where it's more than 30DegC most days this fan is probably going to come in handy.

I found this circuit today which would solve my problem, but it's too complicated. I was looking for something simpler. I'm a novice.
Temperature-controlled Fan:
By: Tillmann (IP: 130.83.244.*)
Written on: 07-12-2005 13:29


regarding the issue of temperature-control for a 220V fan: Technically it's possible (it's also possible to send a robot to Mars and remote-control it for several months).

However, it's not really worth it; you'd end up with a more complex circuitry that can handle AC, expensive high-voltage semiconductors, etc. The cheaper solution is to buy a 12V fan with specs similar to your 220V fan, and use the normal temperature control circuitry as described here.

By: Pete (IP: 71.243.231.*)
Written on: 07-12-2005 16:40

So how would this thing compare to an 80mm 4800 RPM Case Fan?

I'm asking because I have no place to mount a 120mm fan on my case only 80mm.
By: Larry (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 24-01-2006 19:13

well my advice would to be to use a dimemr switch intended for lighting. BUT check the wttiage to see if it can handle it, and be careful with 240v it can kill
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