Subject: Pentium D Heat Spec...
By: Pete (IP: 71.243.231.*)
Written on: 07-12-2005 07:18

I notice the Pentium D 820 is said to have a Max Heat Point of 64c but everyone knows the Pentium D runs hotter than most CPUs...

Well, I have an 820 and I can get it down to 47c when it is idle but when I launce something like Call of Duty it quickly gets up above the 64c mark and the ASUS PC Probe kicks off the alarm telling me the system is too hot...

I've discovered that one problem might be the Zalman 7000B CU not cooling enough for this processor and it appears the Arctic Silver isn't helping it as much as I would like either (although I did notice the low temp has dropped a good 4c with that Grease)... Oh yeah and even though the Zalman is listed as 775 Compatible, it took a trip to their website for me to find out it isn't Pentium D Compatible...

What Heatsync and Fan would you recommend for this CPU?

By: Pete (IP: 71.243.231.*)
Written on: 07-12-2005 07:20

Oh yeah, that's another thing... I can Physically Touch the Heatsync and it isn't at all hot to the touch so I can't figure out why this is running so close to maxspec on the Heat Index.
By: Jedi (IP: 147.209.216.*)
Written on: 17-01-2006 05:08

I have the Pentium D 830 with an ASUS motherboard. I've been experiencing heat difficulties too. The 830 is rated with a max CPU temperature of 69.8 degrees celcius. I am mostly worried about my motherboard temperature being 2 degrees (on average) above the 45 degree threshold. But the CPU was at 63 degrees last night - which although is not the maximum, most information says the motherboard sensors are usually inaccurate by a couple of degrees and therefore you shouldn't allow the CPU to come close to the max.

I've got Arctic Silver on my CPU with a Thermaltake "Big Typhoon" heat sink. Anyone else having good or bad results with a similar setup? Does anyone know if this heat sink works well?

Another thing to throw into the mix is that I have 4 x 7200 RPM drives in the Thermaltake Tsunami chassis running RAID5 configuration. This is no doubt contributing to the heat along with the high ambient temperature of a summer in Brisbane.

Any thoughts on what I can do?

I have 3 drive bays free at this point and I was trying to find an 80mm fan and dual drive bay mounting kit for additional cooling. But I can't find such a product - does anyone know if they exist and if so where can I get one?


By: Stew (IP: 70.28.241.*)
Written on: 18-01-2006 22:08

Having the same problem.
Trying to play fear and i get the asus warning beep.
By: wl (IP: 69.223.244.*)
Written on: 11-02-2006 11:39

I also have this problem before.
For the first time, I did not install the intel stock heatsink properly, it even gave me a idle temperature at over 70 degree C. I corrected it after I noticed it. It then idle at about 60 degrees C. I know it was not supposed to be like that. I took it off again and clean off the contact between heatsink and CPU, and reinstall carefully. It then gave me a idle at about 50 degree C and 63 for fully load on only one core. When loading at 100%, it went over 70 degrees C.
I know I might improve it by reinstall it with less thermal grease. But I decide to replace the stock heatsink came with the Pentium D 830 with Zalman CNPS9500. Now it idle at about 40 and increase upto 64 with 100% load.
I'm glad I changed stock heatsink. Now I free myself from worrying about possible damage when runing it at 100% load.
By: Paul (IP: 62.253.32.*)
Written on: 23-02-2006 14:52

I've just finished a new system with an pent d 820 - the heatsink I've used is a Thermalright XP-120 and so far it's keeping CPU temp down to around 45c. Other kit - antec p180 case.
By: Daniel Romero (IP: 200.87.104.*)
Written on: 14-06-2006 00:36

Hi all, im glad to see i'm not the only one with this problem. I got de Pentium D 820 with the Asus P5LD2 Motherboard, i got temps of 47 on idle mode and 53 to 58 on load mode, and even F.E.A.R. does just not run properly anyways (maybe the game is not made for dual core). So here are some tips i get through my research on this issue.

Most of the problems with heat could be solved with the heatsink correctly applied on the cpu, checking the cooler and the heatsink is tight over the cpu area, achieving this you get half of the task done.

Another half is the air flow, the cool air must flow in and the hot air must go out, so check for air vents going in the right direction.

And finally keep in mind: [I]"The ultimate goal of thermal management is to keep the processor at or below its maximum operating temperature" [/I] check that page they know what we talk about.

by the ways i found the Probe software for temp measuring makes the cpu hotter when its running, so try another tool.
By: tunnie (IP: 68.227.203.*)
Written on: 18-07-2006 02:13

I'm Running the pentium 820 w/ the thermal right ultra 120

i'm getting temps without load of about 45-50 Cel.

with load it goes up to 60ish... i burnt one motherboard already the intel 945 board and the computer shut down while it was about 60ish i'm kinda scared to do alot of processing on this computer..

By: Raiz (IP: 202.179.154.*)
Written on: 13-10-2007 20:45

hi i own a pentium d 945 3.40 Ghz .The first 6 monts it worked well even in hot weather.Then suddenly an error started to appear on my screen\"cpu temp exceded 72 c or sometimes 73 c\" i wondered what the hell was wrong so i opend the heat sink and i saw a paste spreading on the cpu as well as on the board i replaced the heatsink the temperature dropped about 6 c but even now idle temperatue remains at 64 c 65 c.and in some case it again reaches 73 c.should i apply that silver after cleaning the material or should i aplly it on the pre installed material.also which is the best Thermal interface material?
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