Subject: resistors and rpm monitoring.
By: obedey (IP: 59.167.9.*)
Written on: 10-12-2005 04:29

Hi, Ive got a cpu fan that runs really fast and i was wondering how to go about slowing it down. Its a p4 2.8 that runs at around 40 deg cel. At least thats what the bios says. I thought I could use a potentiometer but the fan is 0.6amps so thats 7watts. I can't find any pots that big. I decided i might use a 10amp resistor. But will this affect the motherboard rpm monitoring???

By: LArry0 (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 24-01-2006 19:07

An easy way of doing this is to connect your cpu fan up differently. At the moment, the cpu fan should be plugged into the motherboard. What you should do is remove the red and black wire form the cpu fan connector, and reconnect those wires up to a standard male molex connector - If you want 7v connect the black wire of the fan to the red wire on the molex, and the red wire of the fan to the yellow wire of the molex. This should reduce its speed. If you want it even slower, connect the fan's black wire to the black wire o the molex, and the red wire of the fan to the red wire in the molex. Hpe this helps.
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