Subject: Excessive fan
By: J. (IP: 67.180.48.*)
Written on: 22-12-2005 21:55

In my ignorance of hardware I ended up sending back my laptop to Dell three separate times because of what seemed to be overheating. In all cases the fan ended up regularly running at high (*loud*) speeds. My warranty has since expired, unfortunately, and the problem persists. What I noticed after each return of my laptop was that the only things they ever did were to update the BIOS and to replace the heat sink. When I'd have my laptop back initially the compute would run beautifully quiet for a week or so, though it would eventually return to its former state. I have a heat-monitoring program that shows my CPU heat averaging around 72 C.

Any advice for me? This has gone on long enough to see that it has yet to be any problem; however, you can understand that ideally I very much want a quiet computer. The loudness of the fan is really the only flaw to an otherwise great laptop.

By: phoxetis (IP: 80.57.123.*)
Written on: 30-12-2005 14:34

not running any CPU consuming tasks? check CPU usage in the task manager. it should be below 10% for most of the time. if it isn't and it's like 100% loaded, you're running some sort of software.
By: Krelio (IP: 69.9.238.*)
Written on: 19-01-2006 05:30

That sounds like normal notebook operation to me. I have a loud blower fan that comes on too.
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