Subject: MOSFET at 5 volts
By: phoxetis (IP: 83.160.164.*)
Written on: 29-12-2005 20:01

hi folks, I've put this neat DIY controller in a few computers now, and, well, they work. I would like to make one for a hub though this hub is powered by a 5 volts DC source. Is there a simple way (e.g. a more suitable FET) to make this work at 5v? thanks for a reply, eric

By: Tillmann (IP: 130.83.148.*)
Written on: 29-12-2005 20:32


the same circuit should also work with 5V. Have you tried it? Normally it should work alright with the same MOSFET. Let me know if it doesn't.

By: phoxetis (IP: 80.57.123.*)
Written on: 30-12-2005 14:28

well... it doesn't actually. we've tried, the fan won't start spinning. I've heated up the NTC a little, but no luck. Same circuit works on 12 volts, and de (5v) fan itself works normal when connected directly to the (5v) power.
By: phoxetis (IP: 80.57.123.*)
Written on: 30-12-2005 14:28

oh, and thanks for your time by the way
By: phoxetis (IP: 145.94.244.*)
Written on: 03-07-2006 16:24

oh, forgot to post about the solution. The solution was to go get new parts. Apparently the variable 10K resistor was a little off and would have required me to screw it over the limit to get the right setting.
With another version of the same the circuit everything worked just fine on 5 volts.
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