Subject: 94 degrees celcius..?
By: freddie (IP: 86.136.184.*)
Written on: 15-01-2006 00:20

i have a fujitsu seimens scaleo t 3.4ghz prescott
on startup from cold the bios states 74 degrees celcius for cpu temp
with use this can get upto 94degrees

recently the computer just switches off without warning, but i had noticed the temperature before and the computer ran ok. all fans are working and the air seems to be it a heat problem or a motherboard problem ( does the high reading activate a safety mechanism?)

not sure what is going on, looked at the vapochill micro should but i don't know what the problem really is!

assistance would be appreciated

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.167.161.*)
Written on: 15-01-2006 12:25


oh you are talking about degrees Celsius... 94C is indeed way too high for a P4. If your system is still on warranty (I suppose it is, considering the recent CPU), I recommend that you have that problem handled by the manufacturer. If not, I'd check if thermal transfer between CPU and heatsink is fine (possibly replace the thermal pad by good thermal compound), and maybe install an additional case fan. If that still doesn't help, you can consider replacing the CPU cooler.

I'm quite sceptical about Vapor Phase refrigeration, both from an economic and ecological standpoint. A good conventional heatsink (or, if you'd like to go with something more extreme, a watercooler) should easily do the job.

By: Larry (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 24-01-2006 19:31

Thats WAYYYYYYYY to hot, lol. Either change the heatsink or check the fan is working, also check the TIM (like tilmann said) In theory, all p4s should "throttle" over 70c and sotp completely when they hit 80c. So your bios could be detecting temperature wrong. Try updating your bios.
By: JakeNL (IP: 194.196.164.*)
Written on: 08-02-2006 15:26

Is it possible that your mixing up Celcius and fahrenheit?

74F <> 23C
94F <> 34C
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