Subject: 80 or 120mm fan mounted in spare drive bays
By: jandkw99 (IP: 147.209.216.*)
Written on: 17-01-2006 05:14

I want to mount an 80 or 120mm fan in the front of my case to assist the existing HDD intake fan. Is there a mounting kit that will allow me to attach a fan to one of these brackets and insert it into 2 or 3 drive bays?



By: Larry (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 24-01-2006 19:27

Well i dont think so, my advice would be to make one out of acyrilic or something
By: typodaemon (IP: 71.14.133.*)
Written on: 15-03-2006 23:11

Yes, there are kits for mounting exactly what you want:

That should link to a 120mm fan bay ( but it's going to take 4 5.25 bays ). I've seen single bay blowers as well. Another thought it to build a two-bay fan bay with 70mm fans (they should fit well) out of something like this:

I don't think two 80mm would fit in a normal 5.25 bay (horizontally there isn't quite enough room)

- typo
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