Subject: peltier cooled people?
By: spillybeer (IP: 71.137.82.*)
Written on: 18-01-2006 04:47

Am I nuts?
I am a Roofer in Southern California and I get pretty hot up there on the roof in the summer,I also build computers as my hobby.And I was wondering if anyone has considered a peltier block to help cool a small bladder system I could wear around my neck to cool myself off a little?
I am not really thinking all out air conditioning,just something to help my body cool off my blood a little.any positive or negative feedback would be helpfull.Since all the people i work around think I am nuts.Thanks

By: typodaemon (IP: 71.14.133.*)
Written on: 15-03-2006 23:15

Peltiers are tricky. The short answer for your question is: It would require more power than is reasonable to make wearable for a good amount of time. The long answer is that you'd also have to cool the 'hot' side of the peltier, so you'd probably need heat sinks and a fan.

- typo
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