Subject: Heating VS Pwr supply
By: Dileesh (IP: 210.212.194.*)
Written on: 18-01-2006 09:03

I use an Intel P4 3.00GhzE Prescott CPU in an Intel
D865PERL motherboard.Along with it are ATI Radeon 9200SE gaphics card,creative modem blaster PCI fax modem,and LG CDR-RW drive+JLMS DVD ROM drive,A Maxtor 40GB ATA hard drive and a standard floppy drive.Every thing is powerd by a Krypton 300W ATX SMPS in a miniATX tower case.
Recently, 7days after I have changed from a fried 350W power supply that came shipped with my case to that mentioned above I noticed that my pc making more noise than usual.I checked the system temperature using Intel active monitor.It reported a temp of 56 deg for CPU ,48deg for System Zone 2 and 40 for Zone 1.(Formerly it was around 45 for CPU and 37 for Zone 2 and 33 for Zone1).Thereafter,even if the pc is Idle after startup, temp goes upto 50-52deg
for cpu.
Whenever any apps that spins HDD too much is running(Even for disk cleanup or spybot scanning),the cpu temp reaches 66 deg.So I cant play even super mario.Also temp rise up steeply to 66 deg when ever any DOS program or BIOS setup is running(even in idle).
But when I touched heatsink I did'nt feel that much hot.I had replaced stock thermal pad with thermal compound.
I noticed that whenever temp rises the voltage level falls
12.00V TO 11.54V and CPU voltage also get reduced.
Is this a problem caused by the PWR Supply,or something else?
please reply,

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