Subject: Cpu Overheated!!!
By: Herc (IP: 24.235.111.*)
Written on: 23-01-2006 18:10

I was looking at a friends system and noticed one of the cpu cooling fan blades was broken and stuck in between the heatsink fins causing the fan not to spin. I pulled it out and the fan still works. But, now the system seems to run very slow, turns on by itself when plugging in the power supply cord, restarts randomly quite frequently, and irq's seem to be messed. Does anyone else think the mobo is damaged?

By: Larry (IP: 213.40.67.*)
Written on: 26-01-2006 20:23

Well is it a p4? Because when the overheat they "throttle" causing them to slow down. Also turn on after power failure might be enabled in the bios (could be the reason its turing on) for random restarts - i suggest you first check all the connections inside the pc, then check the ram - that could be the prolem. If it isnt, swap evberything out one by one with components you know work,, when it works youve found your proplem Make sure you check the psu too. Also you could try reinstalling windows
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