Subject: 10k Thermistors
By: 99newbeetlegls (IP: 68.178.8.*)
Written on: 07-02-2006 01:47

For those of you that are having a difficult time finding the 10k thermistors to build the fan control circuit I have found an inexpensive source selling them on eBay...

By: 99newbeetlegls (IP: 68.178.8.*)
Written on: 24-02-2006 02:52

As an update I have several extra NTC thermistors available if you are interested in picking up one from me you can email me
By: Wolf (IP: 80.71.100.*)
Written on: 24-02-2006 14:34

Dont use thermisters as they are highly non-linear!! and will probably provide and un acurite reading.... ud better off with the LM3xx series of temperature sensors relativly cheap, 3pin and are alread calibrated with mV/degree Cel...
anyway its your system so its your call.... if ur a novice dont get too messy and burn out ur system and buy a ready made setup for a few buks...
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