Subject: my computer is on fire
By: Bishop (IP: 68.156.64.*)
Written on: 07-02-2006 20:15

Maximum CPU temp for Athlon XP 2200+ and faster; 85C or 185F
The temperature my Athlon XP 2700+ is running at; 93.3C or 200F

ahhhhhhh. i've been having lots of system crashes lately...pretty sure that's my problem. i'm really not sure on what to do. do i need new thermal tape? change the stock CPU cooler? i've already taken off my case cover and cleaned my case. i don't want to replace anything i don't have to. anyone?

By: Jojo (IP: 193.195.126.*)
Written on: 08-02-2006 15:46

Why not go to Cooling FAQ to your left.
By: Bishop (IP: 68.156.64.*)
Written on: 08-02-2006 19:50

Well no kidding. I was looking for a more in depth answer on what I should check, if anything, because the cooling faq really didn't answer my question, hence why i posted here.

By: himd (IP: 72.59.26.*)
Written on: 10-02-2006 10:23

By: Mossleman (IP: 80.201.72.*)
Written on: 15-02-2006 02:46

check if there is dust in ur fan and heatsink, add an exhaust
thats basically it.
By: ChrisW99 (IP: 205.143.79.*)
Written on: 28-02-2006 17:17

Mossleman's reply about dust is more important than you probably think.

If you see my other post, I too have been having rises in temperature. CPU was 70C idle reaching 91C when running toast.exe on high priority and causing motherboard to shutdown. I had read about dust on here and removed all I could see, but it didn't seem to solve my problem.

However - physically unscrew your CPU fan from the heatsink and there is probably a load of dust you couldn't see, the fins on my heatsink were clogged with it when I finally did this step.

After vacuuming it out my CPU temp has gone back down to 73C max , 49C idle
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