Subject: gateway AVC model c6025b12l
By: ben (IP: 67.170.247.*)
Written on: 09-02-2006 03:25

I recently upgraded my memory and at the same time unclipped the cooling unit and cleaned the dust off, after I replaced the the fan the computer will not turn on. It acts as though it is running normal but nothing appears on the monitor. I have checked all connections again and again and even tried the monitor with another computer and it works fine. Any tips on what I did to break it and how I might fix it?

This URL shows a pic of the cooling unit, it also has a bunch of small pins on the bottom.[URL]

Thank you for any help,

By: Randy (IP: 72.160.41.*)
Written on: 07-08-2006 07:06

You pulled the processor out of the socket.
By: checkchange (IP: 68.82.169.*)
Written on: 27-05-2007 13:43

You may have bent the pin(s) on your processor if the processor was still attached to the heatsink.
By: checkchange (IP: 68.82.169.*)
Written on: 27-05-2007 13:50

Another thought., ..You may have installed the incorrect RAM.....If you increased your FSB speed of your processor from 400 to 533, then you may need to re-check the motherboard specs on the manufacturer's website for a RAM/processor upgrade...If RDRAM, then you may not be able to use 45ns, but rather 40 for all RAM. .
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