Subject: 2 Unexplainable PC problems ??
By: DC (IP: 207.200.116.*)
Written on: 18-02-2006 16:18

Ok. Here are my issues...>?

Both PC are 2.4MHz, have 40Gig hard drives, are both maxed out with 1gig ram memory. One of the PC's has a 2.4GHz wireless PCI modem and a PCI 56k modem. THe othe has only 56k modem.

Problem with 1st PC is as follows...->

This PC worked for a good 2-3 years, up uuntil last month when it started to work 1/2 the time and then automatically "Reboot" itself whenever it felt like it. No matter what you were working on or if you were online. I opened the c case to look inside to see if I could find anything, and all i could see was a dusty motherboard and a dust CPU fan. So, I blow out the case, and vacccum out the dirt with a tiny vaccum to get the dirt out. I took off the Heatsink on the CPU to check for dust, and found that there is slim to none about of heatsink compound on the bottom of the heatsink or the cpu itself. I re-attached the heatsink just like it was when I took it off without new heatsink compound on the heatsink, and when I hooked all internat drives back up, no display will come on the monitor and the hard drive light stays on constantly longer than it needs to, andI think it even beeps at me. I have tred re-connecting the cables a different way, and nothing seems to help me get any display on the monitor. Is there anything i can do to get this pc back online? If so, what can be done?

<And so...>

Problem with 2nd PC is...->

This computer needed a memory upgrade, so I could ship it back to Idaho for a family member. So i buy the memory, and after the memory is installed, the pc was working fster than ever before, espc. when getting online via high speed internet. Here comes the other problem. We used USPS to shipped the PC, and insured the PC for $50 since we are nowhere near rich to insure it for $500. That happened 5-6 months ago. The PC got to where we moved to. But, after I opened up the pc because after they plugged in the pc to turn it on, it wouldn't work. Somewhere in the shipping, the pc was slightly messed with? I took of the panel for that pc, and found parts off whack, and the heatsink off the CPU and the compound halfway rubbed off in the middle of the bottom plate of the heatsink, and the remaining compound dried up.

This pc when turned on, will have a display, get to the "Windows XP Loading" page, and then reboot itself everytime. Sometimes it will reboot itself after restarting too. What can I do about this problem?

Please email me at his address with your solutions, as I rarely get free time to check any of the discussion boards like today (Email address: Please, don't spam me. I have enough spam leaking through hotmail thjan I know what to do with.

By: Andy (IP: 82.41.47.*)
Written on: 16-03-2006 00:17

Reapply heatsink compound and this will stop the random reboot. Mine switched off and also rebooted at will. I took my machine apart, applied new heatsink compond and its fine now. Download speedfan, this gives you the exact temp of the cpu, mine dropped from 60c to 40c after this
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