Subject: how to read cpu temperature?
By: cocuixtle (IP: 200.38.225.*)
Written on: 22-02-2006 01:50

Hello, how can I have a constant reading of my cpu temperature? I have a Dell Dimension 3000 pentium 4 HT, thanks for your help.

By: Brad V (IP: 128.186.12.*)
Written on: 16-03-2006 00:05

All P4s have an internal temp diode. You motherboard may not read it however, since Dell skimps on parts.
If it can however, download Speedfan from It will constantly tell you the CPU temp and control your CPU fan accordingly. It takes a bit to setup, though the helpfile walks you through it. If that does work for you, try googling "hardware monitor" and you should get a few temp monitoring programs. Motherboard Monitor 5 is another goodie, but once again, hard to set. There are ones that take less effort to setup, I just don't know any off the top of my head.
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