Subject: Change of PSU - higher CPU temps
By: ChrisW99 (IP: 86.143.229.*)
Written on: 26-02-2006 02:28

I recently changed my PSU, and wanted to check my mb temp and doing that realised my CPU was idling at 70C.
I have an Athlon XP2500+ , which used to idle at 50 and max out about 70 last time I checked temps a long while back, so something has caused a ~20C rise over the past couple of years

When I now play a game e.g. Guild Wars, it rises to >80C and even got to 91C at one point today.

All fans seem to be working fine.

Is it possible that the CPU heatsink could get knocked or somehow lose it's effectiveness since I first installed it? Any other reasons why a once "normal" system could become too high?

I've ordered some thermal compound so when that arrives I'll remove and reapply the heatsink and see if that improves the situation.

By: ChrisW99 (IP: 205.143.79.*)
Written on: 28-02-2006 11:03


Nothing to do with changing PSU, it must have been like this a while. The problem was the one mentioned here in many places... DUST!

I thought I'd remove all the dust I could see, but yesterday I removed the fan from the heatsink and could see that the gaps inbetween all the heatsink fins were clogged with dust. Vacuumed that out, and now everythings back to normal - a drop of 25C for both idle and max.
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