Subject: yellow wire on fan
By: wyattsdad (IP: 69.181.158.*)
Written on: 27-02-2006 00:16


I am trying to install a high quality CompUSA temperature controlled fan into a coffee table for a home theater projector project. The fan has a yellow wire that I assume is expecting some kind of voltage to help it controll the fan speed. CompUSA has no info and their tech did not want to help.

Can anyone point me to some info on the voltage the wire would want to see? I run Macs and so I have not had the experience of adding a fan to any CPUs.

I appreciate any advice or comments.



By: 99newbeetlegls (IP: 166.70.243.*)
Written on: 27-02-2006 00:51

On any fan with 3 wire setup (black, red, yellow) the yellow is usually used for fan speed monitoring only. There is no voltage that should be put to this lead.
By: Brad V (IP: 128.186.12.*)
Written on: 16-03-2006 00:01

Haha... High quality CompUSA. That's funny.

The current running through the yellow wire is caused by the rotating of the fan blades. I forget exactly how much it is, but it ain't but a bit. The higher the voltage coming through it, the mother board reads that the fan is spinning faster. No voltage needs to be applied though.
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