Subject: Temperature controller not working?
By: Fred (IP: 82.174.51.*)
Written on: 04-03-2006 00:07

Hello all,

I just made the temperature controller. Checked every connection. The fan does not start. I checked voltages on pcb. I got no voltage on the black wire from mosfet to the - lead from fan. Everything else seems to get powered.

Anyone has any clue what i'm doing wrong?
Oh yes, i found that during soldering mosfet an ntc become hot. Did i screw these up?

Maybe someone has an step by step debugging advice?

Thanks for any advice

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.58.145.*)
Written on: 04-03-2006 10:33


you need to try with different positions of the potentiometer/spindle trimmer.

It is unlikely that you have damaged the NTC; these parts are pretty heat resistant.

By: Fred (IP: 82.174.14.*)
Written on: 04-03-2006 12:56

Hi Till

Thanks for your quick reply!
I tried to teaw positions on the spindlke trimmer, no workie.

My pot-trimmer is an Bourns 3296, it has three feet. I connected position 2 (wiper) to ground wire

Position 3 (clockwise) goes to mosfet.

Maybe here's something wrong?

By: Fred (IP: 82.174.21.*)
Written on: 05-03-2006 21:28

Hi all,

It's working! I had to solder to the other trimmers lead.

Thanks for the great solution!
Now the only thing that still makes noise is my harddisk.
Lets get an samsung spinpoint!

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