Subject: heatsink retention bracket
By: BobR (IP: 172.168.30.*)
Written on: 04-03-2006 23:56

I have a heatsink bracket where the eyelets (or whatever they're called) have broken and I'm trying to replace it with a new one. I pried up the four plastic retainer screw-type thingies and it's still attached.

What would be the most prudent way to go about removing it? I can't see a mechanism holding it on.

Thanks in advance.

By: Ray_GTI-R (IP: 195.92.168.*)
Written on: 05-05-2006 22:55

This sounds like a Pentium Socket T LGA775 heatsink. If not, ignore the reast of this post ...

The Pentium Socket T LGA775 heatsink (excluding the fan & 4 plastic clips) comprises 3 parts;-
a) the outer aluminium heatsink, formed into radial fins
b) the inner core that contacts the CPU and is "buried" into the outer heatsink
c) the steel retention bracket, with a shoulder to position the bracket acurately for assembly (see below)

These three components are fixed together mechanically. If my research is accurate, the core and the bracket are assembled and kept at room temperature. The outer heatsink is heated until it expands sufficiently to slip over the core - so the cool core-with-bracket is inserted into the hot outer heatsink. When things cool down the outer heatsink, core & bracket become one unit.

Therefore, in order to remove the bracket it is necessary to reverse the assembly process i.e., to heat the outer heatsink AND keep the core cool enough to slip the core out of the outer heatsink. Good luck, but I don't think it will be possible without considerable effort, special tools AND a flameproof pair of gloves!
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