Subject: CPU Cooler
By: Jeff (IP: 206.132.98.*)
Written on: 06-03-2006 18:23

Does anyone have a link to a recent CPU Cooler comaparison?

I would like to see temperature as well as dB level.

Thank you.

By: typodaemon (IP: 71.14.133.*)
Written on: 15-03-2006 23:35
By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 16-03-2006 12:03

Hi, used to do very good comparison reviews; however, the one mentioned in the previous post is rather outdated. The testing methodology used in more recent reviews there is not as good as it was.

The "big sites" like Tomshardware, or Anandtech (for which I did the cooler comparisions, years ago), no longer have up-to-date cooler comparisons either.

The problem is really that doing ACCURATE, RELIABLE cooler tests is difficult and extremely time consuming. It takes much more than installing a cooler and reading CPU temperature in MBM. Many of the people who started doing good tests as a hobby while still at college, now have regular jobs as engineers, and thus no longer the time to do reviews :-). This is also the reason why there are no longer any reviews on The Heatsink Guide.

IMHO the best review site nowadays is FrostyTech (

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