Subject: Bizarrely high CPU tem at startup - 90 degrees plus!!!
By: Jay (IP: 82.3.32.*)
Written on: 12-03-2006 11:50


I turned on my PC (P4, 1 gig RAM) this morning and noticed in startup that the CPU temp was apparently over 90 degrees! I checked this with SiSoft Sandra, which shows a temp of 92.5 degrees! This is after the machine being switched off overnight in a cool room.

I opened the PC up and checked the fan (noisier than usual, but seemingly working ok), and there didn't seem to be any excessive heat in the case. I actually cleaned all the dust away from my CPU fan just the other day in an effort to reduce noise and ensure the fan works ok. Could this have had the opposite effect if I've perhaps knocked something I shouldn't have? Speedwise, the machine seems to be working ok

Would anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this amazingly high temp, and what to do about it?



By: Dileesh (IP: 210.212.194.*)
Written on: 14-03-2006 12:40

Make sure that its degree CELCIUS not FARENHEIT.If its farenheit then your system is running normal.
The following applies only if you had taken out the heatsink once.
Have you removed any thermal interface material(A white paste or a grey patch sometimes) from the processor and/or the downside of the heatsink.If its so make sure that you had applied enough thermal paste back before reinstalling the heatsink.It may be available in your local electronics outlet.I recommend to use any high grade paste(Arctic Silver5 or similar).If the problem persists even after applying paste,
Check whether the temperature reading system is reading correctly.If this is the problem,it can be corrected using a BIOS update.
Try keeping the case cover open and observe the temperature physically.But care is to be taken not to burn your hand.
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