Subject: Metal/plastic plate below CPU on Athlon motherboard
By: scobb99 (IP: 70.153.239.*)
Written on: 23-03-2006 21:33

Forgive an ignorant question from an old-timer (I built by first PC clone in 1985) but I have decided to get back into building my own boxes after about a 5 year gap. Wow, things have changed.

I have a box under construction now with a K8 Triton GA-K8U mobo with ULi M1689 chipset and AMD Socket 754 for an Athlon 64 CPU.

There appears to be a black plate underneath the motherboard right where the CPU sits. But my kit came with a metal plate that apparently I can attach to the bottom of the motherboard under the CPU using supplied screws. It has round ridges on one side and a sticky black stuff on the other side. My questions

1. Does this plate get screwed to the bottom of the mobo?
2. If so, which side of the plate faces the underside of the mobo, metal or sticky side?
3. Is this worth doing versus the black plate already in place?

Any assistance much appreciated....tis site is definitely THE place for heat-related issues.


By: Tillmann (IP: 84.58.177.*)
Written on: 01-05-2006 11:20


the padded (black) side should face the motherboard. Under no circumstances, a blank metal plate should be applied to the motherboard; this may cause short-circuits.

Still, metal is better than plastic , and if you use the plate supplied with your heatsink, you can be sure it is suitable for that particular heatsink model.

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