Subject: Abnormal CPU temp and fan
By: Foo Bar (IP: 196.211.2.*)
Written on: 28-03-2006 16:04

Hi dudes,

I just bought a new motherboard and an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ yesterday and installed it. I put the CPU neatly in the ZIF socket, removed the plastic cover off the bottom of the heatsink / fan, plopped it on the CPU and clipped it down; plugged the fan in to the motherboard ...and you're off right?

Almost: The machine boots fine, but the immediate temperature reported by the BIOS is 65C, which seems a bit hot! The fan is reported at running at ~3000RPM, and the fan is quite noisy. It sounds like a little tractor doing laps around the CPU...

I'm using a brand new SLI motherboard and a 500W PSU, so I don't think there are any power issues. I haven't installed any other peripherals / drives / anything except the graphics card. Cool and Quite is disabled (default).

Can anyone help?

By: Foo Bar (IP: 196.211.2.*)
Written on: 29-03-2006 10:33

Problem sorted. Just updated the BIOS and now it reports the correct CPU temperature. The fan does work, so I'll just use it until I find a better one.
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