Subject: Pentium Duo Chip Cooling
By: Austy (IP: 84.12.53.*)
Written on: 08-04-2006 12:14

I want to cool the pentium duo chip with a folded fin heatsink and no fan - is this possible and if so what problems will this cause regarding overheating?

By: Tillmann (IP: 217.224.10.*)
Written on: 25-05-2006 15:24


what CPU do you mean by "Pentium Duo"?

If it's dual core Pentium 4: Forget it. A standard passive heatsink (folded fin or not) will not be powerful enough to cool it. Even with elaborate heatpipe-based solutions, passive cooling of dual core P4s is quite a challenge.

If it's Core Duo: This CPU has moderate cooling requirements and high maximum temperature. It can be cooled with a good passive heatsink; however, you might have trouble finding large coolers for desktops that are designed for the Core Duo.

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