Subject: how many fans pro connector/ 24V fan
By: jv_guano (IP: 151.42.48.*)
Written on: 21-04-2006 15:47


I'd like to know if there's a limit of fans that can be connected to a connector.
Moreover, can the connector that I choose for supplying fans, be connected to other devices?
I'd use this way to connect (page's in italian, but you can watch the pictures and figure it out! )

2nd question:
I've found a 24V fan: where can I put a twenty-four V fan? Aren't too much 24 volts?

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 21-04-2006 16:05


you can connect several fans to one connector. How many exactly depends on the specs of your power supply; but depending on the type of fan, you can connect at least 5-10 fans to a single connector on a standard power supply at 12V. If using the "7V trick", I'd be a bit more careful.

24V fans are more commonly used for industrial applications. If you are lucky, the fan will run at reduced speed at 12V with a normal PC power supply, but there's no guarantee it will (try it )

By: jv_guano (IP: 151.42.48.*)
Written on: 21-04-2006 16:12

thanx a lot for your reply!

so, it's okay!
I don't want use the 7V trick, and I don't want more than 5 fans!
so, can I plug the fan to a connector already used, like the HD or CD-unit ones?

I'll try with the 24V one, but it's small...I think is very useless!
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