Subject: CPU fan is loud
By: G (IP: 71.130.197.*)
Written on: 23-04-2006 19:18

I sent a stock computer to emachines for repair, but told emachines I use it for gaming, It came back fine but the CPU fan is cranked up so high it is very loud. Is there a way to adjust speed? There is no switch on the unit - can this be adjusted is a setup, or does it require physical changes?

By: Tillmann (IP: 172.158.95.*)
Written on: 24-04-2006 00:15


this depends on the motherboard. Some BIOSes allow CPU fan speed setting (typically several speed settings depending on CPU temperature). Many motherboads don't support CPU fan speed control at all, though.

By: e-freak (IP: 202.188.228.*)
Written on: 11-05-2006 09:22

Electrical changes must be made to control the speed: the voltage input to the fan. I use devices like LM 7809 to reduce the speed. The fan will almost go silent with this device. This little compensation may cause cpu temperature to rise. Please verify the matter first! Some time ago someone told me that this device cannot be used with intel fans
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