Subject: Speedfan
By: Stan (IP: 63.230.104.*)
Written on: 25-04-2006 15:41

My CPU was running 76 degrees Celcius. Way too hot. Then I found a free software called "speedfan". It makes it possible to set the temperature sensor to "diode" instead of "thermistor". When I set it to diode, the temperature dropped to 40 degrees Celcius. Can someone please tell me the difference between diode and thermistor? Thanks. Stan

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.58.145.*)
Written on: 28-04-2006 21:56


Diode is the on-chip sensor inside the CPU, thermistor is the sensor used on the motherboard.

By: Stan (IP: 63.230.109.*)
Written on: 29-04-2006 17:17

Thanks Tillmann,

Your brief reply makes me very curious to know which sensor I should
rely up. Naturally I'd choose the diode reading, but with a thermister
reading in the 90's (Celcius), and a diode reading in the 30's, I don't
know which one I should trust. In the past, I've experienced automatic
shutdowns, and I'm trying to locate the source of the problem.

By: Tillmann (IP: 217.224.22.*)
Written on: 29-04-2006 21:50


I suggest that you compare the readings provided by SpeedFan to the temperature reading in the BIOS, or the reading provided by the software provided by the motherboard manufacturer (if available for this board model). SpeedFan is a good tool, but with some motherboards, it may provide inaccurate readings, or may even cause crashes. It is possible that both temperature readings are incorrect.

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