Subject: Athlon 64 in a box
By: Stan (IP: 63.230.104.*)
Written on: 25-04-2006 15:45

Hi all,

I just purchased an AMD Athlon 64 in a retail box. The bottom of the heatsink is lined with something that looks like plastic (for protection during shipping or something). Should I throw it away and use a thermal compound, or is it really a thermal interface material? Many thanks. Stan

By: e-freak (IP: 202.188.228.*)
Written on: 11-05-2006 09:08

There are plastic/rubber like materials used as contact surface. The tranparent like plastic (normally mica) must be used together with thermal compound while the opaque rubber (normally grey) like ones are used without thermal compound. If it looks like a normal plastic then it must be a protective layer, not heatsink stuff
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