Subject: Fan temp control for A/V setup
By: Bigred (IP: 66.27.115.*)
Written on: 30-04-2006 18:03

I'm looking into rigging up a basic fan temperature control from the heatsink guide and I was wondering if anyone has tried this on an audio/visual setup. What this means is that it'll have to use the 120V wall outlet power supply.
Has anyone tried something like this and what were your results? Does it cool properly? What additional parts/modifications, if any, would this require?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

By: e-freak (IP: 202.188.228.*)
Written on: 11-05-2006 08:54

My home theater has a cooling fan. It moves the air in the casing.
You can actually tap the 12V if you know where. You can also use a
small 12V transformer and tap into it's 220 lines. This is much
better because draining some power from the A/V circuit may not be a good idea. Please be careful if you intend to do so. The temperature control circuit works at 12V, if you say, accidentally plug 220V to it the circuit will explode. You can cool the large heatsink and create some movement to the air in the casing
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