Subject: PIII 1 U Cooling
By: do_lai (IP: 68.183.102.*)
Written on: 03-05-2006 01:45

Hello... had a question about cooling the CPU in a 1 U server.

Basically I was wondering if this[/URL] el cheapo fan / heatsink combo is enough to cool an Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz Socket 370 processor (133 MHz FSB, SL52R specification) in a 1 U chassis. There seems to be plenty of airflow inside the unit.

The original heat pipe / heatsink and motherboard (Tyan S2420S) used was the one in [URL=]this photograph
. The heatsink in this configuration ends up right in front of a couple fans in the chassis.

The reason that I want to go with the el cheapo solution is that I have 8 servers to fill and all of the original heatsinks have been discarded. Of course, if anone knows where to get these original things at a similar price that would be great, but it seems pretty obscure to me.

Thanks for the Help / Advice,

By: do_lai (IP: 68.183.102.*)
Written on: 03-05-2006 01:48

The links didn't work properly.

The el cheapo solution:

The original heat pipe / heatsink:
By: Tillmann (IP: 217.224.10.*)
Written on: 25-05-2006 15:18


the P3-1GHz CPU has only moderate cooling requirements, however, I have some doubts whether that cheap heatsink will be sufficient. On the other side, the heatpipe-based solution seems like overkill.

I suggest that you go with a standard 1U cooler designed for 1GHz P3 CPUs, not necessarily one on the $5 price range, but nothing fancy either. There is a wide choice available, e.g. see my review here:
The review is a bit old, but some of the models reviewed are still available. Any one of them should do.

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