Subject: Rubber Spacers for Case Fan
By: DunkingBird (IP: 203.126.26.*)
Written on: 16-05-2006 06:58

I have been enduring loud casing fan noise on my one week old DIY Pentium D805 system. I would like to explore the use of rubber spacers as suggested but I have no clue how it should be placed. Can anyone offer some pictures of their installation with these rubber/foam spacers. My e-mail is

Lowering the casing fan speed to reduce noise may not be an option for me as my CPU is already running at 60 degC at idle.


By: DunkingBird (IP: 203.126.26.*)
Written on: 17-05-2006 11:04

I did a search using Google for "Fan Rubber Spacers". I think I know how they should look like now. I have also seen the image of some very elaborate silicon spacers that is being sold.
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