Subject: Pentium III passive cooling
By: Cristi (IP: 83.103.222.*)
Written on: 20-05-2006 19:07

I have a Arctic cooling Super silent PRO TC heatsink wich I have mounted on a Pentium III 1GHz CPU without the Fan on a Compaq Deskpro EN system, but the CPU is pasing the 45C temp. my questions are:
1. Is 45-50C much for a Pentium III based on 0.18micron with passive cooling?
2. Wath problems could apear because of the high temperature?
If somebody could give me sugestions on how could I cool better the CPU with passive cooling I vould be wery happy.



By: Tillmann (IP: 217.224.10.*)
Written on: 25-05-2006 14:58


for info about maximum CPU temperatures, please check out the "CPU temperatures" link on this site.

45-50C is fine for a P3 (or any other CPU). There is no need to improve cooling, and no reason to worry about damage.

By: Cristi (IP: 83.103.222.*)
Written on: 25-05-2006 21:05

So there is no need to wory, thanks.
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