Subject: Laptop CPU
By: Dan (IP: 88.105.33.*)
Written on: 28-05-2006 19:07

Using software such as Notebook Hardware Control and SpeedFan I'm getting readings of 60C and higher while idle and 80/90C and higher when web browsing which surely isn't normal!

I have a Pentium-M 2Ghz all of which is 7 months old.

I've heard several people suggest ideas, such as the heatsink not being in proper contact with the CPU or it being dirty, or maybe a bios upgrade may give a correct reading (on my current bios I can't see a temperature reading).

Whichever way, I need help before it breaks!

Thanks in advance

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.58.147.*)
Written on: 28-05-2006 21:32


Pentium-M has a max operating temperature of 100C, so your temperatures are still acceptable. However, there's not much headroom, e.g. for a hot summer day.

By: Dan (IP: 88.105.36.*)
Written on: 29-05-2006 12:54

Yeah no headroom left at all..

Other people with the same laptop as me report lower temperatures by half of what I'm getting which shows that there is something wrong with mine.

Hot summers day = death for my laptop as I live in Japan which gets extremly hot and humid!!
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