Subject: Gpu problem
By: Joel (IP: 85.30.146.*)
Written on: 08-06-2006 22:18

I am using a high-end pc that i recently bought. The graphics card is a Radeon X1900XT 512 mb, the cpu is an AMD X2 4200+ and i have 2048 mb RAM.
The problem is that recently my computer crashes and colors blur all over the screen when i start any computergame i have. Does this have to do with the heatsink/cooling of my GPU? I appreciate your answers.

By: Brett (IP: 38.112.169.*)
Written on: 12-09-2006 22:47

I too just bought a new comp w/an AMD X2 3800 and 2 geforce7300GT cards (SLI). I am having the same type of problem except it's when I either alt-tab out of or quit world of warcraft. My friend suggested changing the virtual memory settings on my comp to free up more memory. I have not tried it yet because I'm still at work but you may want to try that.
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