Subject: Brushless and Ball Bearing: differences?
By: Ignacio49 (IP: 201.248.101.*)
Written on: 13-06-2006 23:51

Hi. I am buying a fan for my case. A simple fan, nothing super hi-tech. I want to know the differences, adventages and disadventages of brushless fans and ball bearing fans. Thanks for your help.

By: Tillmann (IP: 84.58.149.*)
Written on: 14-06-2006 09:30


almost all fans you can find on the market use brushless motors. Brushless means that there is no mechanical rotating switch inside the motor, but that the motor is controlled by an electronic switch instead. This results in higher efficiency and less wear (no brushes to be replaced).

Regarding the ball bearing question: see the "bearing type" section of the "cooling fans" article here on the site, it's answered there.

By: Ignacio49 (IP: 201.248.101.*)
Written on: 16-06-2006 02:11

Thank you Tillmann.
I guess that any fan with ball bearing will say so in the small paper with the other info (volts/amps, name, etc). Is this so? Somebody is selling me a low price fan and is telling me its a ball bearing fan, but there is no place in the fan saying so.
Thank you.
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