Subject: CPU temp 42 Celsius. Is this OK?
By: Ignacio49 (IP: 201.248.101.*)
Written on: 16-06-2006 02:05

Hi. Temperatures of my CPU (Sempron 2800+ with its original fan) are 40 to 43 Celsius while idle. 42 seems to be the most frequent value. case is 36-38 C. Temps as per bios/pc health readings. Room temp is 29-32 C (my gross estimate). I have played around with more fans, different positions, blowing in/out/inside/top out/top name it. Whatever the combination is, the temps stay around the figures mentioned above. I always return to the basic simple configuration ne fan lower front (blowing fresh air into the case) and one fan below power supply fan (both blowing hot air outside the case). It seems to me that room temp is the main variable in making cpu/case temps change. My question: is 42-43 C at idle a comfortable temp for the Sempron? Before you ask, I have no idea of temps under load.
Appreciate your help - thanks.

By: mattman555 (IP: 68.3.155.*)
Written on: 17-06-2006 23:11

I run a sempron64 2800, heatsink that came with it and an Aspire Cube case and I'm getting 30c

Sounds like its running pretty hot but I would just check AMD's website to see what they say is normal...

By: user (IP: 83.103.131.*)
Written on: 20-06-2006 14:21

it's normal .
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