Subject: mPGA478b Heat Sink
By: Mattman555 (IP: 68.3.155.*)
Written on: 17-06-2006 23:05

I'm looking for a heatsink for a FIC P4I-845GL/V system board.

The socket type is mPGA478b and a standard P4-478 heat sink will not fit.

The distance between motherboard mount points are about 60mm or 2 3/16 inches square.

Here's a pic of the system board and stuff..


By: Ray (IP: 84.71.118.*)
Written on: 09-07-2006 02:39

Suggest that;-

a) standard Intel 478 heatsinks are rectangular not square, ergo
b) this m/b requires a proprietary heatsink so,
c) contact FIC for a replacement!

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Tel: 08707778066 ext 211
Fax: 08707778055

HTH, Ray
By: adonian (IP: 72.199.204.*)
Written on: 03-02-2007 22:13

have you tried the older 423 (? what ever socket) pentium 4 heat sink, you'll need the bracket, but it looks EXACTLY like the type on my k8tmaster2-far OPTERON setup. AMD used the 423 heatsink set up.
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