Subject: Usb Pen Overheating
By: anna_uk (IP: 62.252.32.*)
Written on: 18-06-2006 16:38

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if people knew what I could do to my wireless usb pen to stop it overheating. I have unfortunately bought the WG111v2 netgear wireless usb adapter and it is known to overheat and break quite soon after. I wondered if there is something I could do apart from putting it over frozen peas to stop it from overheating?



By: Rob G (IP: 195.8.161.*)
Written on: 19-06-2006 10:12

Hi Anna,
The only thing i can think of for you to do is to check the website and see if there are any drivers you can d'load, either that or email the problem to NetGear - It could be a design fault.

Sorry i can't help more!
Good Luck!
By: user (IP: 83.103.131.*)
Written on: 20-06-2006 14:21

it's no problem with it ...
they heat up if you work with them a lot

check you memory from inside the case (the simms)
they got even hotter !!!

it's normal for memory to heat up ...

40-50 degrees C is normal ...

you have no problem get on with your life
By: Ray (IP: 84.71.118.*)
Written on: 09-07-2006 02:49

I had a similar heat problem concern with my Zydas wlan USB dongles so ... I stuck some tiny RAM heatsinks on them!

Well, not quite that simple. First I had to find something small enough to fit - similar to these ... (the brand isn't important, I used the 1st 'sinks I found).

Second, I found the hottest part of the dongle - so THAT was where the heat gets generated!

But I knew that the 'sinks wouldn't be much use coz my wlan's have a dimpled plastic surface. So first I lapped the hot spot to roughly smooth. Then cleaned it with petrol then stuck the RAMsinks on.

Result? 'sinks get hot, dongle doesn't overheat = job done. That has worked for approx 18 months.

HTH, Ray
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