Subject: P4 Running Waayy too hot
By: Neonlucent (IP: 24.23.168.*)
Written on: 24-06-2006 02:30

Hey everyone,

I found this website after trying desperately to get help for my problem. My Computer gets upto 80* celcius (if not more) when I run games!! This is my system specs:

Pentium 4 3.2GHz (800MHz FSB, 512kb cache)
My fan is a: VANTEC VP4-C7040 TMD (URL:

The problem is: A few months ago, my computer started restarting unexpectedly while running PC games. It was an every once-in-a-while thing but then it became more frequent and now I canít play games for more than 15 minutes before it restarts. I have never overclocked my computer in any way nor tampered around with the settings. ALSO: Sometimes, when my computer would unexpectedly restart, it would take about 15-20 seconds for windows to start loading up again and sometimes, it would display weird messages during booting that said stuff like

"Overclocking failed!..."

and some other very rare times, would also say something about the voltage being too high, very strange because I never have messed with the settings. I called Intel, they had me re-apply thermal grease to the CPU because they claimed the grease was probably dry after 2 years of me owning the computer. But since im not using their factory fan, thats all they were willing to help me on. I reapplied some thermal grease and it helped out a bit, cooled my comp by about 8*c max, but it still gets up to almost 80 Celsius. I use SpeedFan v4.28 to detect temperatures and it tells me the following information for my CPU voltage:

Fan: 5192 RPM
Vcore: 1.62v
+12V: 12.40V
3.3V: 3.34V
Vcc: 5.04V
Vin2: 0.00
5Vsb; 5.01V
Vbat: 0.00V

HELP! I don't know if on one of those unexpected restarts, maybe the computer's voltage settings got changed and now it runs with more voltages. Is that possible? ANy clues as to how I may fix this? I have cleaned out the dust VERY well and I reapplied thermal grease on the CPU. Is it a fan problem? Maybe I can get a Zalman fan...

Thank you VERY much for your input, I am very worried about my system.. it's just not the same system I once built anymore...

- Neo_

By: JuniorGamer (IP: 63.243.76.*)
Written on: 05-07-2006 03:29

Prescott Pentiums are known for running hot. How is your cooling system? Is the cooling system adequate? If you have the 478 Socket Pentium I suggest a Cooler Master Hyper 48 heatsink, it works very effectively. I have the Prescott Pentium 4 HT 2.8 Gig processor in my system and with the heatsink I suggested I idle at 36 degrees celcius. It's just a thought. =]
By: Ray (IP: 84.71.118.*)
Written on: 09-07-2006 02:59

Sounds like someone has been messing with your BIOS.

According to Intel the standard vCore for a Prescott is 1.25V-1.400V.

Adjust this (in the BIOS) and you should be fine ... and that crazy fan speed should reduce, too. If it doesn't, get a top-spec genuine Intel Prescott or preferably an Extreme fan. They operate at approx 2,200rpm at CPU idle and speed up when required. See

HTH, Ray
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