Subject: lookin for a heatsink
By: Gaz (IP: 149.135.30.*)
Written on: 26-07-2006 19:34

hi...i ve upgrade my comp to P4 3.0G prescott s478, can anyone suggest a good heatsink for me, thank you.. (brand and model)

By: Turtle (IP: 59.104.161.*)
Written on: 12-08-2006 15:42

the answer is clear for me,

Zalman is a well-known company that creates high performance products with the emphasis on silence.

go to for more details.

other good cooling companies, (which uses designs that zalman first started eg. flower heatsink design) are coolermaster, and thermaltake. there's more, but you should only need to remember zalman though.

i cooled my AM2 cpu with the cooler that zalman provides, and with about 7 volts applied, it has good performance, and unaudibe sound, even when everything else is quiet too. use the top zalman cooler model and lower the fan speed for best experience.
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