Subject: System frozen, need help
By: njgogo (IP: 151.198.122.*)
Written on: 06-08-2006 15:29

My system freezes in 1 or 2 minutes after being turned on from 3 days ago. I can not move the pointer or do anything. It even freezes when I try to adjust some set ups in the BIOS (it is so wierd). The system does not reboot itself.

I am not overcloking the CPU. And the the power supply is not a cheap and bad one.

I don't know what to do to solve this problem. I don't met this problem before.

I have a Pentium D 805 (with original heat sink and fan), 2G DDR 2 memory, Foxconn M B, 120 G HD, XFX 6800 XT video card, a cheap CompUSA case.

I can see that the system temperature is 39 C, and the CPU temperature is about 62 C. I don't know if his problem is caused by the high CPU temperature. However, there is report on the web that this CPU could work properly at a temperture of 65 C.

Any one could give me a hand? Really appreciate.

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