Subject: P4 280 Dual Core Temp with Fan Speed Question
By: Greg (IP: 24.208.94.*)
Written on: 14-08-2006 06:59

OK, I've read dozens of forums and for the most part it seems like 60C is too hot for the P4 processor to operate, but I'm a little confused. Here's why.

I first had the P4 with Intel heatsink and fan with the thermal pad. Next, I removed the pad and used Arctic Silver 5. I then replaced the Intel heatsink with a Cooler Master fan and heatsink using their thermal pad. Then I replaced the thermal pad with AS5.

All CPU temps idle were around 60 with 65C under full load. The CPU fan is 650RPM idle and gets up around 2500RPM under full load. The board temps are 48C and 39C with fans running at 1500RPM pretty much constantly.

I was concerned about the 60-65 temps, so I disabled the BIOS speed controls and was able to get 38C idle and 42C load for the CPU temp. If I can get the 38C, I must have everything set up right. I have an intake 80mm case fan in front and a 120mm blowing out the back. My main question is if the 60C is so close to the max temp, why does the fan blow so slow?

I realize the best thing to do is leave the fans running as fast as possible, but there's the obvious noise issue. So if I leave bios monitoring the temps and fan speeds, is it doing it correctly? Or is my thinking completely flawed?


By: Ray (IP: 84.65.66.*)
Written on: 27-09-2006 14:54

I had an MSI motherboard on test recently that automatically slowed the CPU fan down from stock 2,200rpm to 950 (nine five oh) RPM. Nothing I could do about it. When the temperature went to 52.5C the CPU fan started accelerating - the temperature stayed at 52.5C and the fan was running at 1,250rpm. Makes for a quiet PC, but temperatures were to warm for my liking.

Also check the vCore in the BIOS - someone may have been tinkering
You don't say which Intel CPU you have, but look at the Intel website for your processor and check the vCore for it at ...

HTH, Ray
By: Ray (IP: 84.65.66.*)
Written on: 27-09-2006 15:00

Sorry, you do say which Intel CPU you have ... but I don't recognise it (280?). Do you mean a 2.8ghz Dual Core (820)?
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